Friday, September 19, 2014

Bedroom #3.

Here's the downstairs bedroom as we found it upon our first tour of the house. Faux-wood paneling, thrashed wood floor, windows nailed shut, dropped ceiling with curious water stain...

Jaime couldn't wait to get rid of that panelling. We tore it out on the first weekend after we got the keys in late September of 2011.

Behind the dropped ceiling was a strange hole covered over with sheetrock.

And behind the sheetrock was the upstairs plumbing, rusted all the way through.

After removing the ceiling completely, we found that the vent pipe to the roof (in shadow at far left) was leaking as well. We also got an unobstructed view of the very scary knob-and tube wiring. Once we had taken the rest of the house to the studs, we replaced 100% of the plumbing and 100% of the knob-and-tube.

Phone photo a year later: masking off for the paint sprayer, baseboard trim installed.

Walls painted, floor sanded bare. At this point progress on the room had long since slowed to a crawl, as we focused our attention on other more pressing projects. The room would remain in this state for the remainder of our time in the house.

Here is the room in office configuration, complete with thermal carafe and half-and-half. The windows are covered for privacy and weatherproofing.

Here is the space functioning as a rather depressing master bedroom in November of 2012. That looks like Theo's head under the covers.

...Aaaand here is the room a year later, somehow completely re-furnished but showing no apparent renovation progress. Note Markie's official bed on the floor.

Windows taped off and painted.

Windows done.

Closet with broken slat.

Closet fixed, floor stained, room complete and staged, as it appeared the first day we showed it to prospective buyers in March of 2014 -- the same day we got an offer for our full asking price.

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  1. Congrats! I love following your projects, best of luck with your next one!