Monday, August 4, 2014

Sun Room/Breakfast Nook.

The sun room wasn't very sunny when we moved in. Items to note: curtains, beige walls, brown baseboard, partial laminate wood floor, single glass light fixture, fly strip.

With the curtains removed, you can see the hedge, the cracked pane, and the circa-1980s trim. Here's Theo, not quite one year old. In this series of photos, note our many furniture configurations and uses of this space. I can't remember this far back, but apparently there was a time when we were sleeping here.

Hedge before...



Laminate floor removed, replaced with OSB. Window trim removed.

Bigger, period-correct trim installed. Cracked pane has been replaced.

Note the paper plates. J appears to be sorting inspirational magazine clippings.

Theo age 2. The walls have been skimmed with drywall and decorated with child's pencil. Note the orange paint on the heater, later stripped to bare metal for that industrial touch.

This "luxury vinyl tile" goes down peel-and-stick style, and then you grout the gaps. Inexpensive, durable, warmer to the touch, and remarkably indistinguishable from stone. If this were going to be our "forever" home, we might have opted for the real thing.

This picture is slightly out of order, but it shows the work we were doing on the ceiling. I think we were replacing drywall because of old water damage.

...But Jaime got a different vision. So down came the drywall, and we wired in two fixtures instead of one. This room is the perfect shape for a long farm table.

Insulation and electrical boxes.

Free second-hand tongue-and-groove cedar, via Craigslist.

The picture above is an awkward composition cropped out of an even bigger photo, but I include it because you can see the naked light bulbs hanging down from raw wires. We waited quite a while to pick out fixtures. In this photo the walls and trim have been painted, and most of the tile is down.

Jaime painting the front door by the light of our new fixtures, caked in construction dust.

Done. Edison bulbs, of course.

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