Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Master Bedroom.

At long last, the house is done! Which means it's time to start firing out the blog posts. If you caught the Craigslist ad when we posted it on Facebook, you got a sneak peak at the finished job, and you know that we are not keeping the house. It sold the first day we showed it for asking price to an awesome couple, no realtors involved.

After pouring our hearts into this project, walking away will be bittersweet, but really, this was the plan all along. Jaime gets some killer before-and-afters for her portfolio, we pay off our debts, and the proceeds get reinvested in the next project.

Here is the story of our master bedroom, starting in September of 2011 with yellow walls, tan trim, mouldering carpet, and a water-damaged ceiling.

The carpet comes up.

The ceiling comes down. (New roof and sheeting installed before we closed on the house.)
Insulation goes up.

Drywalling with Drew.
Paint prep: masking off.
Sanding and sanding and sanding. Jaime strikes her "editorial" pose.
Doors lined up to be sprayed.

Infinite gratitude to Bob and Vi, who drove up from Arizona and donated hundreds of hours to our project. White walls!

Masking paper gone, doors and fixtures still removed, floor stained to "Jacobean." To the right of the fireplace, note that there is now a door to the master bathroom!

J applies a final coat of polyurethane.
Done. New light fixtures. Original hardware paint-stripped and reinstalled. Broken window fixed. Too bad the floors are so dusty.

After spending two years living in the basement, we finally slept in the bedroom on the night before our open house. We never knew that you can see the sunrise from the bed.

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  1. So very proud you guys just love the hard work you put in and the feeling of pride you must be feeling in your accomplishment! KUDOS