Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bedroom #2.

Even after the purchase was complete, it still took the sellers a while to clear out their possessions. Note the "fly strip" dangling in the first photo.

The gutters are your wastebasket. Someone loves Oregon.

Down comes the ceiling. Hi there, four-year-old Markie. Note that the disintegrating window is weatherproofed with a garbage bag.
Sanding for paint prep.
The south-facing windows were badly weathered and required complete restoration. We removed them and then got distracted and did not re-install them for well over a year. I may detail the window restoration process in a future blog post.
Viola smooths the walls.

Resist the temptation to strip wood trim completely if you are going to paint it. The tannins from the wood bleed through and turn your paint yellow. We were perhaps overzealous with our prep-work on the wood trim, but it was so heavily caked that it was hard to find a stopping point.

Drew cleaning the louvered closet doors before paint. Notice the "before" tint. Trisodium phosphate is the only cure for nicotine stains.

Bob clocking hours in the middle of the night.
Masking off...
White! We got rid of the cabinet doors in the window seat bench, cut a door into the top, and attached it with a piano hinge.
Markie, how you have grown in just two years!
... And Jaime works her staging magic. Unbelievable.