Friday, October 19, 2012

Interior Befores and Garbage Everywhere.

Before we closed on the house, the bank gave us a list of items to be addressed before they would approve the loan: install two stair railings, scrape and prime any peeling paint, repair a non-functional toilet, and activate electrical service. (The sellers hadn't paid the electric bill, and power had been shut off.)

Knowing that the sellers would be basically unable to do anything, we offered to do the repairs. So the realtor gave us the lock box combination, we let ourselves in and got to work.

Most of these pictures were taken on the first day we had access, a whole month before close. Most of the personal items strewn about the house were obviously unwanted and abandoned, and garbage service had been stopped for some time, as evidenced by the mountain of garbage bags in the side yard. But the place was still kind of ambiguously occupied, with some important bulky items like a T.V., mini fridge, and bed still in an upstairs bedroom.

Can you smell these pictures?

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  1. Steel Reserve 211, Cheetos, dirty hypodermic syringes and a rotten mattress in the yard ... did you ever consider opening it up as a theme park?